Friday, December 28, 2012

2011 - sweeties WEDDING bells

Yup. Sweet moments of my sweeties.
Early 2011 (March if i'm not mistaken), AZU got engaged with her long term bf Syed.
Sayangnye me & kilin arrived late, so datang and terus makan je. Hehe.

tak banyak amek gambar coz majlis dah habes :(

Next:: (May) AKILIN's engagement with her long term bf jugak, Fir. At this very moment, i am feeling so happy-over-the-rainbow because not only my besties got engaged, but because i also found someONE


majlis grand weh. kalo nikah terus pun lulus. heheh.

Then, a few days after raya (September) , my sayang IZZA got married pulak!! so-so happy jugak because she found someone who really not only love her but care her deeply. We (zatil and me) approved him (his name is iim) right after we had our first date. Oops. silap, it's when we first met him and had a drink. hehehehe.

SINGLE (masa tu) - MARRIED - TAKEN (like officially.hehe)

Finally, one day before my engagement day, AZU pulak got married. Her wedding day is the same day as my engagement day, so i came one day earlier on her solemnization. 

to be engage - married - engaged

and on the 27th November 2011

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