Monday, October 22, 2012

Alhamdulillah, bye bye Jay Bee

Today, aku dapat berita yg sgt membuatkan aku gembira. InsyaAllah aku akan dapat berpindah ke Selangor! Result secara formal mmg masih belum dapat, tp td GPK1, Kak Jannah telah pun mengesahkan perpindahan  aku. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. No words can describe my happiness. I already cried. Well, honestly, i don't have anyone to help me with my transfer. Even my guru data said that my gb did not actually sokong my transfer request. Sampai hati dia. She's going to retire end of this year anyway. Why not do us a favor, kan? Ape pun, i'm thankful that i will be transferred. I'm sure it is a good thing for Allah knows the best right? 

Somebody once said to me that my rezeki is not always at one place. That is why I always pindah randah. I mean, I have a 4 different sekolah rendah. Two different sekolah menengah. Magically I stayed for 5 and a half years in IPBA. but before that, i went to Matric UIA for a month. sempat lagi tu. I cannot say where my kampung halaman is. I was born in Banting. Raised in Banting, KL, Gopeng and Banting again. Right now, my parents kat Gopeng sekali lagi. I guess it's true that person says about me.

Sedih rasanya seeing my dusty blog ni. Geram pun ada. Sebab I started neglecting my blog once I posted here in JB. This place took away all of my favorites. My time for blog, for books. I can't even finish reading one book while I'm here. I can't even post a single entry that contains my activities. But my calender is actually full with activities. My life is a lot fuller here, cuma I do not have time to capture and write about it. i do feel regret. Semua event, smua kisah suka, duka, smua yang aku involved di SK Sri Tebrau, aku langsung tak simpan dalam blog. Biarlah...aku tak sanggup nak simpulkannya di sini...

Anyway, apa yang paling aku sayang di Jb adalah my greatest company. The best-est people to work with. Those colleagues who makes my life easier, happier and merrier. Terima kasih kawan-kawan. I will miss YOU the most! Those special people are; Kak Masitah (my housemate), Razlina (my roomate-hehe), Afifah (also my roomate), Afendi (a very helpful friend), Iman (a helpful friend too) and Kak Dolly (a very down to earth lady). I consider Kak Ma, Afendi and Iman a close friend of mine because we all posted together back in 2010. There's also a few kakak yang I'm also a fond of..such as Kak Hazaliza, Kak Fadzilah and Kak Jannah.. I never felt hypocrite and I have no problem to be myself whenever I'm around them.

Ape pun, i will always treasure my experience sepanjang 3years I'm in Jb.. The first steps to my teaching journey..all the goods and tips to be a better teacher. The good friend I make.... I'm sure gonna keep them! Thank you Allah. and Bye-bye Johor Bahru.