Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - part one

note: entry was written on 19th dec 2012

Today i'm gonna write about whats happening in my life on 2011.
Since i gained weight end of the year 2010, i decided to shed a few kilos. So i signed up to be a gym member and started my routine. I did NOT become a SLIM and SKINNY girl. I just get to be fit, healthy and a few kilos lighter. ewah.

my early involvement

With my love life come to an end. I wanted to give a break. I said to Mama, that she need to stop searching guy for me. I said to her that i will be looking myself. And when i found somebody, i myself will introduce him to my parents. Honestly, of course i don't know where to find. I am clueless. So i STOP searching. I said to myself that in order to let someone love me, i need to LOVE MYSELF first. That's when i decided to hit the gym. ^_^

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Engagement Day

note: entry was written a year later. 31st December 2012

My engagement day. I never thought the day will come at the final year of 2011. My relationship is only 7-months old. Is this the right decision? Am i ready? Is he the right one? Honestly, i don't know. But, what i do know is, my parents accept him. His family accept me. And we love and care for each other. That's enough for me. My heart is blossoming. My best friend Akilin is here beside me and the day before, we went for Azu's solemnization. What a bliss.

my fiend Ido does my make up. i love it.

my wing woman, Akilin

my sireh junjung

The story behind this sireh junjung is, Akilin and I made this the night before the ceremony. I actually went to a bridal shop just to have a piece of idea of what i'm supposed to do. And this is the result thanks to Akilin!!

Here's my hantarans. What i love about it is, i borrowed the lovely bekas hantaran from my darling, Izza which she used on her wedding ceremony. And the decorations is purely handmade. 

sejadah & tasbih
biskut raya from mcik salmah

choc almond chunks by bik n
songkok & kain pelikat lalalala

kek durian by bik salmah & paman zam

manisan from mcik ani
kisses chocs

terima kasih buat keluarga tersayang kerana menjayakan majlis ini. juga buat bik enah yang telah menaja tempat untuk majlis iaitu kat homestay barunya. terima kasih kepada paman zam dan bik salmah kerana sudi menyediakan kek yang sedap belaka.

durian puff
durian cake

aiskrim goyang

my darlings

hantarans from his side

my opah (arwah) came to my engagement with mak teh

the happy faces of my parents. thank you mama, baba.

my then fiance. now my husband, the LOVE of my life

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


WEIRD. pelik. kenapa buat aku macam ni?

if there's been a CHANGE of plan, why not just say so.

if you just want to SHOVE me from the plan also u may SAY it.

at least i can try to LIVE with it.

right. maybe i'm just someone whom u gives a LIFT.

then it is wise to tell what i should do and just DITCH me.

it's so annoying. knowing that i DESERVE an explanation.

fine. so i thought what we had is something PRICELESS.

something to be VALUED. then i guess i should be CAREFUL next time.

only there will NOT be any next time. that is for SURE.

a very CLOSE friend of mine once said that the best REVENGE is HAPPINESS. for that i am happy with my life right now. surrounded by all my LOVED ones.

p/s : now whose being MEAN? aku KE dia?

Monday, April 25, 2011


Alhamdulillah.. aku diberi kesempatan untuk bernafas sehingga hari ini di kala usia menginjak ke angka-25. Terima kasih buat kawan2 yang selama ini bersama-sama mengharungi liku2 kehidupan (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BABES!!). This entry is dedicated especially to EVERY SPECIAL person in my entire life. You all have colored my life beautifully and i appreciated it so much. And thank you ALLAH for the most amazing gift that u gave me.. thank YOU. i hope this day will be a new starts for a better me. SYUKRAN~

p/s: aku sangat menyayangi kalian~ sepenuh hatiku. Mmuahh!! (sila layankan entryku yang berbunga-bunga ya sbb sesungguhnya, my heart is full of LOVE right now ^_^)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hope u entertained.

i hope u feel happy after u making fun of me.

i hope u feel satisfied when u r done laughing at me.

i just couldn't hope for more.

maybe i am your last resort.

but thankfully u are not mine.

for that, i am GLAD.

thank u so much for the entertainment.