Friday, July 10, 2009

reports on FinaL practicum.

i am so very sorry because tak update bLog ni.
i missed typing entry here in my bLog everyday.but i cant la..
im currently tgh buat my final praktikum.
i was sent to Sek.Keb.Pengkalan Tentera Darat, Sg. Besi.
sounds FAR kan?? well, it is.
im partnering with Liyana this time.
everymorning i'll b leaving at 6.30.the latest for me is 6.45.
or i wont make it before the bells rang.
and honestly, the school's hour is 10mins earlier than the normal hour.
means u hv to be extra early to be early in school.get it, tak??
but on the rite side, we finish schools earlier than other school.
eventhough we the teachers balik at 1.30 jugak..heee
ada baiknya buat lebih awak gini, bcoz..
kat luar kem tentera tu, there's 4 other school yang berderet-deret.
kalu smua klua at the same time, just imagine the jam caused by it.
the school is big. the building, the students populations, the teachers.
2 main building ada 4 tingkat. 2 more ada 2 and 3 tingkat.
there's 2 session. pagi is for Tahun 1,2,5 n 6.
petang is for Tahun 2 and 3 sahaja. i got the morning session.
Setiap Tahun ada 9 classes. can u imagine??
ada Tahun 1Cemerlang, 1Bestari, 1Pintar, 1Kreatif, 1Ceria, 1Tekun, 1Gigih..
dah berapa tuh?baru 7..lagi 2 is 1Kepujian and 1Jujur. and list goes on and on..
Fuh, i got it all in my mind. what a reCord. ive just been there for a week.
i will b teaching Pendidikan Seni Visual for 1Cemerlang, 1Bestari, 4Amanah...Amanah???
does it mean Tahun 4 actually ada 10classes?? gawd, i have to find out Monday nnt. continueing...4Amanah and 5Cemerlang.
since ive tought Pendidikan Muzik for my minor last year's practicum..
this time around i hv to teach Pendidikan Jasmani and Kesihatan for my minor.. a bit nervous about it. im a bit weak in this subject, rather than music..
mujur cuma sekelas je, anyway, i have to face it rite??
well, wish me luck in my PJK teaching, peeps!!!
till then. tata