Friday, May 29, 2009

Tie N Dye

hello peeps!

Here's some of my activities that ive done before. Tapi tak sempat nak post dari dulu lagi. We are doing tie and dye. Also known as ikatan dan celupan. okay, b4 we start, make sure kain yang uols nak celupkan telah diikat mengikut kreativiti masing2. u may as well as:

1. jahit the kain mengikut bentuk then tarik the benang so the kain will be berkedut2.

2. ikat kain dengan objek didalamnya. the objek could be anything macam.. bekas vaseline kecil, batu2, or..marble. whatsoever la. u may put the object in the middle of the cloth, or bersepah-sepah all over the kain.

3. simpul the kain macam nak perah baju tu, then simpul or ikat-ikat kain tu dengan tali rafia or whatever la.

4. or u can just fold the cloth as u like and put cloth peg all over it. the result will surprise u tau!

before we begin, smile2 dulu..hehe, i fold my cloth into a LAMPIN ye...hehe, bukan apa.. just teringat masa my adik kecik2 dulu, aku la yg slalu kene lipat lampin tu. lipat takpe la kan?? instead of cloth peg, aku sepit guna paper clip. but the efect tak cantik langsung coz clip paper tak grip sangat berbanding penyepit baju.

Then kita sediakan air panas mengikut instruction cloth dye tu (dylon)

Tabur-tabur the cloth dye in the baldi. One baldi for one colour.

Kacau-kacau skek...

Presenting our visual art lecturer, Mr. Abdul Jalil bin Hassan who has thought us since our faoundation years. Must be missing us next year, kan En. Jalil?? because we will be missing u too!!

after that, korang celup la kain tadi ke dalam warna pilihan masing2
usually, kita akan mula dengan warna cerah dulu, then warna gelap supaya kalau warna cerah tadi comot2, warna lebih gelap boleh cover

Aisyah sedang meng'adjust' simpulan pada kainnya

kemudian, kita teruskan dengan proses membuka kain ye~

Noor Hidayah sedang membuka kainnya~
hidayah is going to be married this coming holiday...

here's my roomate's artwork, dia letak batu2 kecik kat dalam kain tu, nampak tak kain yang kat sebelah sanaa...yang belum bukak lagi..camtu la ghupanya..

Norainni's artwork

Norsyahida's and Co. artwork (haha)

Izzati's and Liyana's artwork

Mohd Hafiz's artwork

Lastly, my roomate, Izzatul Akilin's artwork
There goes the tie n dye activity!! looks fun isn't it?? Then u shud try too~~
mine is not here, sbb my artwork is tOo beautiFoOL to post here, hehe

Thursday, May 28, 2009


at last, dears.
i am finally dOne for my exam for this semester.
i REALLY hope there won't be any examination for next semester.
then this will be my REAL final exam paper..hehehe
please let it be project je.., oh! BPG,oh! OUM..please..
after this, i will have my school holiday for 3 weeks!yeay!
and after THAT holiday, i will be going to school pulak.
which school, i myself don't know yet.
so, dont worry, i wont neglect this blog.
i'll be updating from time to time.
till then, chiao.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


assalamualaikum and hello everyone.
i have finished reading this 2 books awhile ago.
they were very good. and i truly recommend them for u.
and yes, i know, these arent new books.
it has been in the bookshop for awhile.
but the price are still the same, kan?
so here, im offering them for RM28 each,
INcluding registered post.
its only limited for 2 per book.
plus, its brand new!
Dorothy Koomson
N.P : RM35.50 (MPH)

Dare You Follow Your Heart?
After departing London to follow her heart's desire to become a psychlogy lecturer, Ceri D'Altroy vows to leave her matchmaking ways behind her for good. Unfortunatelly, all she seems to do id inspire the new people she meets to change their lives.
No one who comes into contact with Ceri is ever the same again. Could this unsuspecting young woman be a modern-day Cupid?

Cathy Kelly
N.P : RM3+.++

Good times or bad, friends are always there...
In the picturusque harbour town of Dunmore, four friends are facing hard times. Drawn together in their sadness, the four women suddenly realise what is important - life is for living and they must grab it with both hands.

other than the 2 books above,
theres also :
RAGE OF ANGELS - Sydney Sheldon
and the latest by Jodi Picoult - HANDLE WITH CARE

To those who interested in the books stated, please email me at
please email only when u r REALLY interested in buying, ok?.
till then, chiao.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

a heaLing process

so many things going on since i came back from a weekend at Langkawi.

yes, i shud post the pictures here, tapi pics sume tak transfer lagi. nanti2 ek.

on saturday 2nd Mei, my auntie *Mak Dah* my dad's sister passed away.

she's suffering from cancer for quite some time. but she's a fighter.

she remain strong until the very last moment.

i hope she will be placed beside all the good people.

oh, how she used to asked me to lose my weight~

now, i really should. cause there'll be nobody to tell me to do so.

then i shud be the one. Gg, u shud lose some weight.

u shud only reduce the amount of ur rice in every meal je.. *kan?kan?*

actually, last week was the dateline for all of my assignments.

okay, all of them are on the way masa tu, really. except for one.

and suddenly, hari rabu tu, i was sicked. really sicked.

i got fever + cough + flu + headache = all at the same time.

yes. i was so menyesal masa tu. y do i always procrastinating??

i was sicked sampai dapat mc dua hari pulak tu.

i managed to siapkan the assignments on Friday tu. kecuali yg 1.

dah halfway dah, cuma tak larat nk siapkan je.

i was so homesick. *time2 sakit la baru nk balik rumah, ek...*

so, im home for the weekend.

Saturday morning, i felt fresh gilerr. my mum masa nasik buat sarapan terus.

since dah 2 hari i cant even swallow nasik, so yesterday aku makan dgn sgt berselera.

malangnya, thari smlm jugak, suddenly i got headache, n i throw up e'thing.

my stomach sgt sakit. i throw up almost 8-9 times until perut aku kosong,song.

even i drink air putih pun keluar jgk. n i was very thirsty.

mama got very worried, ptg tu jgk g klinik n i received an injection.

aLhamduLiLLah, i got better today. kalo tak, doktor tu suh cek darah lagi..

n tomorrow im handing my final assignments. hopefully my final for this year..


hence, i want to wish to my mum, a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

selamat hari ibu, MAMA~~i owe u so much, that i know i couldnt repay u back.

dear ALLAH, plz LOVE my MUM as much as she LOVE me,

cause her LOVE is such a neverending stream..


okay la people. i hope, uols smua take care diri k. skang ni musim sakit je. my roomate pun dah jangkit my fever. doktor pesan, everyday drink a LOT of water. and dont skip any meal eventhough u tak lalu macam mane pun. makan buat alas perut ok?? and again, ALOT of water, ya!! tata~