Monday, April 25, 2011


Alhamdulillah.. aku diberi kesempatan untuk bernafas sehingga hari ini di kala usia menginjak ke angka-25. Terima kasih buat kawan2 yang selama ini bersama-sama mengharungi liku2 kehidupan (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BABES!!). This entry is dedicated especially to EVERY SPECIAL person in my entire life. You all have colored my life beautifully and i appreciated it so much. And thank you ALLAH for the most amazing gift that u gave me.. thank YOU. i hope this day will be a new starts for a better me. SYUKRAN~

p/s: aku sangat menyayangi kalian~ sepenuh hatiku. Mmuahh!! (sila layankan entryku yang berbunga-bunga ya sbb sesungguhnya, my heart is full of LOVE right now ^_^)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hope u entertained.

i hope u feel happy after u making fun of me.

i hope u feel satisfied when u r done laughing at me.

i just couldn't hope for more.

maybe i am your last resort.

but thankfully u are not mine.

for that, i am GLAD.

thank u so much for the entertainment.