Tuesday, November 25, 2008



sorry coz dh lama tak update this bLog.
my life's a bit messy skang.

1st, it was my practicum.
after my practicum, im having a hectic time to submit my assignments.
then, i was busy coz im having final exam for d semester.
after the exams, i have to pack all my belongings to clear the hostel.
in between, i face problems to sign in my bLog.
rite after i balik rumah, my mum, nada n me went to Langkawi. 3days n 2 nites.
then we headed back to Perak, since my dad and usamah is already there.
until now.
and, there's no internet access that allow me to update my blog.

okay, actually i get this internet access from a local cyber cafe. it's been a long time since i set a foot in a cc. makes me remember those times back in my high school. it was when me n my frens were all addicted to chatting. hahahaha. so many stories, so many scenes, n so many cases happened. hahaha. still cant believe that i used to be that kind of girl.

naik cable car to reach at this top

mama n me

me n the giant minyak gamat bottle

till then!