Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - part one

note: entry was written on 19th dec 2012

Today i'm gonna write about whats happening in my life on 2011.
Since i gained weight end of the year 2010, i decided to shed a few kilos. So i signed up to be a gym member and started my routine. I did NOT become a SLIM and SKINNY girl. I just get to be fit, healthy and a few kilos lighter. ewah.

my early involvement

With my love life come to an end. I wanted to give a break. I said to Mama, that she need to stop searching guy for me. I said to her that i will be looking myself. And when i found somebody, i myself will introduce him to my parents. Honestly, of course i don't know where to find. I am clueless. So i STOP searching. I said to myself that in order to let someone love me, i need to LOVE MYSELF first. That's when i decided to hit the gym. ^_^