Wednesday, August 24, 2011


WEIRD. pelik. kenapa buat aku macam ni?

if there's been a CHANGE of plan, why not just say so.

if you just want to SHOVE me from the plan also u may SAY it.

at least i can try to LIVE with it.

right. maybe i'm just someone whom u gives a LIFT.

then it is wise to tell what i should do and just DITCH me.

it's so annoying. knowing that i DESERVE an explanation.

fine. so i thought what we had is something PRICELESS.

something to be VALUED. then i guess i should be CAREFUL next time.

only there will NOT be any next time. that is for SURE.

a very CLOSE friend of mine once said that the best REVENGE is HAPPINESS. for that i am happy with my life right now. surrounded by all my LOVED ones.

p/s : now whose being MEAN? aku KE dia?