Saturday, October 18, 2008

LittLe MiSs Gg

hehe, this entry is dedicated especially for encik Faris, my friend.
that is because, ive been tagged by him. so here it gOes.
gambar di bawah ni is me n my parents when i was setahun kot? bergambar
@ a hotel kat Luxor. okay, fyi korang, aku dapat adik when i was 8.
so, sepanjang 7years lebih merasa la jadi anak tunggal..
and, when i was 6months me n my mom went to Cairo to be with my dad.
he's a student masa tu. so we all stay sana until i was 3.

and up here is me kat balkoni rumah we all kat
Imarah 22, Omar Effendi, Madinat Nasr, Cairo.
masa ni berumur setahun lebih.
mama put me in the bakul baju sebab
asyik kacau mama sidai kain je.hehe.
okay, sekian dulu cerita saya
and to those yg nk wat tag ni, u r pleased to do it.
just post a photo of urself when u was little,
n tell a short story bout it, ok?
till then.

Friday, October 17, 2008

mY raYa

saLam aLL!!
okay, im sO0o sOrry... i know how raya is sO Lame rite now..but what to do? ive just get the chance to update. sorry ya! my raya was so-so saja. nothing significance happen, only that we still have angah to celebrate raya with us. and he's back to sOLo on the 8th raya. well, dont worry man, we'll be meeting u there on december! raya as usual, kat kampung. *my mom's kampung is only 15 mins away from my home* Then, on the afternoon we all went to sg.buLoh, mak dah's house for raya gathering on my dad's side. (we used to hv gath at mak chor's house, but she passed away last year, so mak dah took charge since then) then we all balik rumah that nite and spend the rest of raya kat kampung.

us, family with atuk *mom's dad*

~suasana hari raya~

After that, we have raya celebration back in college. in my opinion, the celebration turns out to be photo shooting session than raya celebration. haha.there was a lot of pictures taken, but i dont have the oppurtunity to upload here in my blog. takes time, lah!!

Last saturday pulak, farhanee my classmate buat open house. she lived in gOmbak. so we went there and have a lots and lots of foOodSs~~

there gOes my raya.

*oOps: there's mOre. back from fanee's house we still went to azu's cousin to beraya. then on the next day, went to fanee's cousin to beraya too. then the next day pulak went to kak rahah's mansion *she had her practicum at s.k.bukit pantai* pulak.

so, now, there gOes my raya.