Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final Trip on the Final Year

me n my classmate went to Melaka for 4days n 3nites.
it was our final trip after so many trips within these 4 years.
selalunya trip weols mesti ke utara. we hv been to Kalantan, Terengganu, Perak and Cameron Highland too. so, to mark our final trip, we went south pulak..hehe *it's just a coincidence actually*

on our favourite bus driven by our favourite pakcik driver; Pakcik Shukor

currently listening to issues by the saturdays (zatil, i pun dah addict kat lagu ni.hehe)

just arrived at Mahkota Guest House
it's such a cosy place with affordable price
RM200 per night for a 3rooms apartment (up to 8person)
there's air conditioned in each room
2 bathrooms including one in the master bedroom
plus, there's astro in every apartment too

a scenery you can find thru the kitchen window~

Jehan Chan is also known as King of Koi

::2nd Day::
went to Balai Seni Lukis Melaka

In the evening, we went to Galeri Seni Rakyat Melaka pulak, to interview Tn. Hj. Yassin and En. Pardan Moslem. they are both painter and important person in Malacca's Folkart Gallery.

beautiful, don't u think so?

tn. hj. with one of his paintings

Mr. pardan moslem's painting

Thank you to Tn. Hj. Yassin*L and Mr. Pardan Moslem *R for your cooperation and kindness. we r sure to come back again~~

eeww..tgk ekor ular itu yg berada di tanganku...geLi!!!

...wahai buaye2 darat sekalian...

guess what?? only me and azu je yg g mandi-manda, ahaks~~

masuk rumah antoo jugak~!

miniatures of Malaysian landmarks, belum siap lagi ni..aku je yg curik2 amek gamba

::FiNaL DaY::
before balik, kita singgah pantai pengkalan balak duLu~~

that is a simple report on my final trip on my final year
i'm najiha bt jamal from blogspot dot com
!thank you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

!!HaPpY BiRtHDaY AkiLiN!!

Dear Izzatul Akilin bt Abdullah,
happy 23rd birthday!!
i am so sorry that I'm not able to celebrate ur birthday this year. especially this is our final year in IPBA. first time we met 5years back, on July 2004, I've never thought that i would have met a friend that would be so dear to me. then suddenly we sat next to each other in the class. kat DEPAN sekali, ya!! ^_^ After that, u request to stay in my room since my roomate, Deqna moved. Since then, u've become one of my important person in my life. and we're still roomates until now. that, i didn't EXPECT at all. thanks for so SABAR with my perangai.. for UNDERSTANDING my habit and my favourites. It take a whole 5years to understand each other, kan??
thank u for being such a good friend to me.
thank u for lending me ur shoulder to lean on.
thank u for listening to all of my stories.
thank u for sharing everything with me, ur fear and ur joy.
thank u. thank u for everything.
for being my roomate for the whole 5years we're here.
and i want to apologize for every wrongdoings that i've done all these times.
i hope u will have a blessed life, success career and surrounded with all the people u loved.

Love, Gg.






powerpuff girls

Charlie's Angels (muahahaha)

CLIQUE VogEh d VaSs!!

~i hope our friendship will last forever~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dearies Gathering

Assalamualaikum smua.
here's pictures taken masa me, izza and zatil went out for our little gathering. it's been sooooo looooonggg we haven't met. almost a year. so, on the 28th September (monday) we went out for a movie titled the ugly truth at Midvalley. sgt best. before masuk panggung, ktorg sempat g makan kt sushi king. afterward plak weols lepak kat ciken rice shop ^_^

ok, smiLe!

The next day (Tuesday, 29th) we decided to go for a karaoke at Sogo~~ we booked for 2pm, but we couldnt make it on time, so reschedule for 4pm.and between 2-4, we have our lunch at Nando's. sbb si Zatil ni tgh crave for Nando's =)

izza !!my treasures!! zatil

i guess, d room that we've booked was given to others because we've been given a room big enough for 8-10 peoples. plus! there's a flat screen too!!!yay~~

On the 3rd outing, the very next day, (Wednesday 30th) we went for a posing at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, just because before that, zatil has some bussiness to do around there. Next, we have our lunch kat Jalan Semarak or jalan yg near mindef tu. (was it?? theee). Straight after that, we went zasss to The Mines. hang out for a moment at Old Town before went for a window shopping (initially) then turn to be a real shopping!! hehehehehe

~sila lah mecuci mata dengan aksi2 kami ini~

these two are my best mates since i was in high school. (how long ago was that?? 9years back?) and through all those years, we have faced so many things. there's the ups and for sure there are the downs. i'm so glad that despite all the issues, all the silence (yes, we rarely contact each other) we still managed to remain friends until today.
know what babes??
i HEART u TWO soO0o much.