Saturday, August 22, 2009

a merdeka celebration

.semart seh org tua neh.

this is Tan Sri Anuwar b. Ali. our *OUM* naib canselor.
sangat baik hati dan humble.

here's a post regarding a kemerdekaan celebration

Last Thursday, my classmate and i was invited to pwtc.

There's Perhimpunan Perpaduan done by Meteor Group.
Semua module keluaran Open University Malaysia was published by Meteor.
Since weols ni pioneer bg program ijazah BPG yg collaborate dgn OUM, we were invited to the ceremony. Maybe sbb batch college ktorang sikit je, so dia jemput la kan..hihi...and the VIP is Senator Tan Sri (Dr) Jins Samsudin..*hamboi kemain panjang nama dia* OMG, he looked as handsome as always. you'll never guess by the look of his physical and persona, he's already 74 years old! Talked about unity, dia story sket kisah hidup dia. and it was interesting as well. we thought that we were supposed to hear his lecture dlm ballroom ala2 ceramah style. Means, we all duduk
kat kerusi yg berbaris2 tu,..but then we were wrong. kitorang duduk kat meja ala2 dinner gitu, cuma it's not dinner yet, its Lunch time. hehe
but still, our table is d 2nd row from the stage tau. byg kan la
pwtc tu besau mana kan.. felt honoured gitu.. okla. kite layan sket..

ni posing kat seat luar2 tu...

okay, ni tanda semangat kemerdekaan..kibar2 sket bendera OUM tu..oopss ^_^ pulak hasil karya akilin ketika dia bOring mendengar cerita vip kite tuh..

..last but not least..

Monday, August 17, 2009

what i have been up to??


Gosh, how long have i abandoned this bLog?? was it even mine?? err,oOops..hehe. There’s so many things been going on in my life. It’s quite hard for me to keep it up in here. Guess I’m starting to feel tired by blogging, huh? But no worries, I still LoVe this bLog of mine… *smiLe*

Now, I have finished my final practicum at skptd, sg. besi. So, I’m back at the college…, finalyzing everything regarding the prac. sorry babes, i do not update during my6weeks prac tu.i dont even have time 4myself properly. macam2 mende to settle up. lesson plans, teaching aids, observations, journals, reflections, portfolios, class reliefs, school activities, school projects, u name it. there's Bulan Budi Bahasa, Ceramah Buli, Ceramah H1N1, Ujian Bulanan, Hari Usahawan Muda. mujuQ tak sempat nk involve utk Bulan Merdeka seperti 2years in a row b4 ni.

even my makan time pun ntah ke mana2, okay. me n yana (my partner) usually felt Very hungry *more to staRving* early in the mOrn. so, sampai je kat skOla, we'll head towards the canteen to have our BiG BrEakFasT. then tak makan sampai dah nak time baLik. pastu bila nak head home plak, our stOmach dah mengamuk gile. so, since canteen foods dh hbs, we decide nk mkn kt college je. TaPi, otw nk balik, weols akan melalui pekan lama sg.besi yg heaVen dgn gOrengan panas in the evening. apa lagi, kita pun stOp by la kejap kan,,tapi kemain beli itu ini (ada apam balik rangup, kopok lekor, pisang goreng, kuih muih, air tebu, air kelapa, air jambu, aiskrim zaman dOLu2..smua dh try). Konon2 utk alas perut la sblm lunch, makan dlm keta. but then, of coz la perut dh kembung dgn mcm2 foods kan?? so we dicide, instead of having lunch, we just take away foods for our dinner. Maka, terjadilah dinner pada pkul9 malam, something which i rarely have. Then, tidur awai.. too tired to stay up bcoz i have to wake up early. see?? sgt ntahapehape kan my eating schedule? well anyway, thats just a story abOut my 6weeks eating schedule je. ^_^

anyway, stick arOund for my updates okay!