Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indonesia trip - Jakarta - Dunia Fantasi (DUFAN)

Assalamualaikum all~~

lately ni, aku asek tak on9 je..

connection dkt cni dah la geylong..

and i myself asek takdan je nk update blog ni.

dah bersawang2 n berhabuk2 gile blog kesayangan aku, hehe.

sorry ye kawan2, aku still update psl my visit to Indonesia last time.

its becoz i really want to kept it in my blog. easier for me to look back in the future.

dekat entrance DUFAN. dufan stands for DUnia FANtasi.

on board of a ferris wheel

usamah plays in a big ball on a pond. the big ball is called BOGEL stands for BOla GELong.

if u notice, Indonesian loves to gabungkan words such as WARTEL. isnt wartel is a common words here in Malaysia, kan? where u can make international call n all. but did u guys know what wartel stands for? its a WARung TELekomunikasi. thats where the name came from.

i was really at the other side of it. pecaya tak??

okay, yang ni pulak, aku admit im not on it. but! aku tetap naik jugak on my 2nd visit. it was thriLLeD!!

usamah in a cup

this was when my 2nd visit to dufan. naik boat, through jeram-like river, then got soaked up. haha

overall, the visit to dufan was full of so much FUN~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Indonesia trip - Jakarta - Taman Safari, Bogor


okay, we continue our journey to Taman Safari ya!

Taman Safari ni is located kat Bogor.

Bogor ni kira tmpt tinggi kat Jakarta, ala2 Genting Highland gitu..

the difference is kat Genting ada theme park, tp kat Bogor ada Taman Safari.

kalu nk jln2 kt Tmn Safari ni kena ada transport. either keta ke, van ke, 4wd ke, or there's a bus provided. so, lets see sape yg kita jumpa kat sana...

mula2 bg dr jauh

dia datang dekat..

aik, dah masuk dlm keta??

okay people, spot me if u can..hehehe

dont u know that this is the zebra crossing?? ^_^

pegang ekor pun jadilah~~

baby rimau

baby singa, sangat comeL okay!!

other than animals yg ada dlm gambar, there's also beruang, memerang, unta, rusa, hippo, and macam2 lagi. tempat amik2 gamba dgn baby animals tu pulak kat Baby Zoo.

sejuk giler~~

usamah n nada have a camel riding..

last but not least, a pose from my loving baba n mama.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Indonesia trip - Yogyakarta



okay peeps. as i promised b4, our next stop is Yogyakarta *pronounced Jogjakarta*. we arrived kat jogja on the night of our 4th day. sangat penat okeh. i was sitting at the back of the vehicle with nada. and we all keeps on bumping on the window of the 4wd. its not like we're on the highway roads, u know. n we shared the roads with lotsa lorries too. thankfully im not the type of person who can fall sick easily just bcoz of a long journey, hah *a proud feeling here*. so, the next day, after having a good rest, we all went to the famous borobudur. it maybe just a place where all of the ancient berhala is located, but it has a very bEAUtifuL scenery around it. and of coz we have to climb the borobudur to have a look at the view.

me, mama n nada.

usamah n baba stayed behind.

*boleh pulak sakit kepala time nih??*

this picture is from my camera, n i have this exact picture taken n printed by the photographer kat sana, but the difference is that i 'slept' in the picture. geram seyh. mujur ada yg tak tidur ni. haha

on the way up. up up and away~

on the way down.

on the left is the famous indonesian ayam bakar. it tasted a little like our ayam percik but a lot more delicious.
n the other pic pulak was the rest of our lunch cuisine. hehe.. there's tauhu goreng, udang balado, ikan gurami goreng n cumi *sotong* goreng. plus a sambal terasi *belacan*

activity of the rest of the day n the next day is filled up with main course : shopping. ^_^

on the last day @ jogja

a pose in front of the room

another pose

usamah, rara n me. at the hotel's pool area.

last but not least, a picture of Jiji and Rara.
did i mention that rara n i share a same name? ^_^
Rara's a nickname from Zahra. her full name is Najiha Zahra
okay babes, till we meet again on our next destination :: Jakarta

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Indonesia trip - Surakarta


slamat tahun baru 1430H dan juga 2009 kepada semua rakan2.

maaf sebab lama tak update. asek sibuk manjang..hehe

apa azam korang thn ni? smoga smuanya lebih baik dr thn sblm ni.

me, just the same resolution every year, which are:

to be a better person in every way.

be a good daughter, sister, n fren.

n shed a few pounds off.urghh.

okay. im so eager nk story bout my trip to Indonesia recently. ive got soo many things to share. my whole family pergi including usamah n nada sekali. plus a family friend uncle whom we called uncle din. our journey mula pd 2nd dec, flight at 6.30 pg kalu tak silap. so here's a picture of aku yg tak saba2 nk naik plane. hehe.

the journes is about 2hours shj. so ktrg sampai di Solo around 10pg*setelah collect bag n custom check n all. The old name for Solo was Surakarta. from airport ktrg terus ke Hotel Grand Orchid, Solo. supposedly xleh check in lagi, but fortunately ada bilik kosong where we can park our belongings sblm ktrg keluar jenjalan. since we all nk memanfaatkan every minit kat sana, ktrg terus jenjalan ke Kraten Solo. Kraten means istana dlm bahasa jawa.

javanese building mostly ada open space mcm dlm gamba nih. tempat tu akan digunakan whenever ada ceremony atau event. tempat persembahan traditional javanese music or dance.

atas ni pulak, is my parents kat taman dlm kraten tu.

there's actually a kolam ikan opposite my parents.

and our journey for one whole day tersebut adalah dengan menaiki beca. ktrg guna 3 beca, me n nada, mama n baba, while usamah with uncle din.
Selain ke keraton, we all went to Pasar Klewer. a pasar yg famous with batik.
The next day, ktorang ke Ponorogo. tempat abg ngah belajar. 3 hours journey dari solo.
the next 3 days kitorang stay kat wisma darussalam. a place where families of the students can stay. there's one time, aku teringin makan apam balik kat sana, which they named 'Terang Bulan'. xtau plak knapa. tapi yg penting, my apam balik tu bukan isi jagung n kacang je, there's others such as chocolate rice. n i laiikeee sangat~

here in the above picture is Bik Narti, me, Nada, Us n Rara *bik narti's daughter

Usamah naik delman kuda

The last day kat Ponorogo. we're having lunch with angah at his favourite resto. Diponogoro Restaurant. the food was delicious, n the price was lumayan gitu.

b4 we all bertolak ke Jogjakarta, tgh packing bagasi to put on top of the Panther.
Our journey sepanjang 2weeks itu, we all menggunakan my cousin's vehicle, Panther as seen above. The drivers' name is Pak Salim n Bik Narti is his wife. which means Rara is their daughter. pak salim n bik narti once lived in Perak with us, 3-4 years long. it was 11 years ago. so, pak salim n bik narti was like a family friend to us.
Bik Narti actually insist us to come n visit their house kat Blora. 3hours journey dari Ponorogo. but then, the time is quite limited. so, instead of we all going to her house, we invite her to come along to jogja and then to jakarta with us.
so, the journey begin with pak salim, the driver, sitting in front is uncle din n usamah. baba, mama n bik narti in the middle, while nada n me at the back of Panther. all of our bags goes rite up above, hehe.

atas ni pulak Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor Putri, the same school as angah's, only for girls.
so, next stop is Jogjakarta and the story is to be continued.