Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the end of 2009

assalamualaikum everyone.
how r u guys been doing? fine? I hope u all have been great~ can u believe, it's already December 2o09. yes, im done with my study. done, but not finish yet. there's a lot of learning to do in my life. so, for sure it's not the end. for the time being, i'm still in Perak. at my home. still waiting for the posting letter. but my stuff is still in kL. i didn't bring it back home coz i want it to be sent to where will i b posted. so that my belongings wont bersepah2 in my house rite now boz we ourselves baru je moved in. so u can guess how our house looks like, kan? urghh. i hate waiting. penat seh. bila la nk tau result nih..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Early November

31st Oct & 1st Nov hari tu, i went back to Gopeng with my roomate, Akilin.
weols bertolak dari Banting Friday evening tu. before bertolak balik, singgah kat my kampung dulu, Kampong Endah, Morib. tujuan ke kampung utk amek Unser utk dbawa ke Gopeng beserta dengan tujuan lain iaitu>> melawat Husna, my little cousin. last jumpa dia masa raya hari tu..rindu sehh. and dia dah besarrrr skrg!!! time kitorg dtg, dia tgh tido.. seee the pictures below, kronologi bgaimana kitorg kejut si husna ni~~hehehe

isn't she's cute?? Najiha, Nurul Husna, Nada


penat kite cium dia, dia senyum je??haih~~nampak tak mole dia kat tepi idung tu?hihi

eeeemmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhh~~muncung mintak kiss sikit~ hahahaha
oh, time org dukung dia tanak bangun..haa kite baringkan dia balik...baru bangun...

yiiiiihaaaaaa~ saya dah bangun!!!

amacamm?? gembira tak dgn lawatan kita hari nii?? heee~ rindu husna, la~~

introducing my childhood friends, Siti Hasmah *L and Salbiah *R. ni la kwn2 sepermainan aku dari dajah2-dajah4. dan dajah 5&6 skali skala. y i said that?sbb masa dajah 5&6, aku dok kat kampung, dengan atuk n arwah nenek, while my family stays kat gopeng, still.

saje amek gamba kat KMP tu..maklumla, tu la pun, antara tmpt yg femes kat Gopeng

here's my roomate, Akilin. this is her 1st time experience mandi kat sungai~~ tu yg muke excited tu..hehehe

other than the 2 of us, my classmate masa dajah 2-4 pun ada, Ana..thanks teman kitorg ye...

for your information, kat gopeng ada water rafting tau. naik dari atas gunung, turun kat sungai tmpt kitorang mandi.. Interested?? maii la sinii~~

air makin deras, nampak tak awan kat sebelah sana dah gelap? tanda kat atas gunung dah hujan. sat lagi sini pun mesti hujan. so, better off segera!! n ntah mcm mana, my spek mata plak terlepas dari genggaman~~ maka ia pun berlalu mengikut arus yg deras~~

terpaksalah aku balik dgn keadaan rabun... segera carik contact lense!
*bkn pe, tgh tade duet nk wat spek. plus contact lense boleh dpt on the spot~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final Trip on the Final Year

me n my classmate went to Melaka for 4days n 3nites.
it was our final trip after so many trips within these 4 years.
selalunya trip weols mesti ke utara. we hv been to Kalantan, Terengganu, Perak and Cameron Highland too. so, to mark our final trip, we went south pulak..hehe *it's just a coincidence actually*

on our favourite bus driven by our favourite pakcik driver; Pakcik Shukor

currently listening to issues by the saturdays (zatil, i pun dah addict kat lagu ni.hehe)

just arrived at Mahkota Guest House
it's such a cosy place with affordable price
RM200 per night for a 3rooms apartment (up to 8person)
there's air conditioned in each room
2 bathrooms including one in the master bedroom
plus, there's astro in every apartment too

a scenery you can find thru the kitchen window~

Jehan Chan is also known as King of Koi

::2nd Day::
went to Balai Seni Lukis Melaka

In the evening, we went to Galeri Seni Rakyat Melaka pulak, to interview Tn. Hj. Yassin and En. Pardan Moslem. they are both painter and important person in Malacca's Folkart Gallery.

beautiful, don't u think so?

tn. hj. with one of his paintings

Mr. pardan moslem's painting

Thank you to Tn. Hj. Yassin*L and Mr. Pardan Moslem *R for your cooperation and kindness. we r sure to come back again~~

eeww..tgk ekor ular itu yg berada di tanganku...geLi!!!

...wahai buaye2 darat sekalian...

guess what?? only me and azu je yg g mandi-manda, ahaks~~

masuk rumah antoo jugak~!

miniatures of Malaysian landmarks, belum siap lagi ni..aku je yg curik2 amek gamba

::FiNaL DaY::
before balik, kita singgah pantai pengkalan balak duLu~~

that is a simple report on my final trip on my final year
i'm najiha bt jamal from blogspot dot com
!thank you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

!!HaPpY BiRtHDaY AkiLiN!!

Dear Izzatul Akilin bt Abdullah,
happy 23rd birthday!!
i am so sorry that I'm not able to celebrate ur birthday this year. especially this is our final year in IPBA. first time we met 5years back, on July 2004, I've never thought that i would have met a friend that would be so dear to me. then suddenly we sat next to each other in the class. kat DEPAN sekali, ya!! ^_^ After that, u request to stay in my room since my roomate, Deqna moved. Since then, u've become one of my important person in my life. and we're still roomates until now. that, i didn't EXPECT at all. thanks for so SABAR with my perangai.. for UNDERSTANDING my habit and my favourites. It take a whole 5years to understand each other, kan??
thank u for being such a good friend to me.
thank u for lending me ur shoulder to lean on.
thank u for listening to all of my stories.
thank u for sharing everything with me, ur fear and ur joy.
thank u. thank u for everything.
for being my roomate for the whole 5years we're here.
and i want to apologize for every wrongdoings that i've done all these times.
i hope u will have a blessed life, success career and surrounded with all the people u loved.

Love, Gg.






powerpuff girls

Charlie's Angels (muahahaha)

CLIQUE VogEh d VaSs!!

~i hope our friendship will last forever~